tacs-brand-cutThe Story of TACS begins with Journey of Yoshiaki Motegi (Yoshi), a Japanese Gentleman, who has humanity in life style and working for watch design development and travels for all over the world for 40 years.

Through his life work, there was a place to relax for him from rush and swift timing world. During the long journey for business trip he started to imagine the idea of Implication of surrounding elements to be minimalized timepiece. It comes from his passion towards fulfill the comfortable sensation.

He believed the design should not be too direct to applied essence; the procedure starts from how to break down to simple and modest way with remaining its uniqueness.

The year of 2010 TACS collection as Brand started at Basel World in Switzerland. Vision of Yoshi is try to share an idea of surrounding lifestyle is not plane but full of interesting and graceful features. Some people say elegant or some people say friendly. It takes a part of role to contribute to wide range of fashion lovers in worldwide.